Coach Gabe


1. Name:
Gabriel Diaz

2. Where Are You Originally From?
Harlem, N.Y

3. List Baseball Experience:
- High School: Any Awards? Titles?
George Washington H.S
1 M.V.P - 1 Championship finals appearance (Shea Stadium)

- College:
1 Year » Brookedale College ( College World Series - Tyler Texas)
1 Year » Globe Institute

- Semi-Professional?
10 Years - All Boro Men's league (Bronx)
4 Years - Zorilla Men's league (Brooklyn)

- Other League Ball?
Metro Men's Baseball league
Roberto Clementer Night league
5 Years Crotona AA Men's league

4. Position You Played or Specialize in?
Catcher / Infielder

5. Favorite Player?
Alex Rodriguez

Favorite Team?
New York Mets

6. How Long Coaching with P3?
Since 2003

7. Hot Dog or Pizza?
Hot Dog

8. Take The First Pitch or Hit Away?
Take the first pitch

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