Are players in groups by age or by skill?
Children are grouped mostely by age, but the cut-offs vary based on the composition of the whole group and sometimes a player may be with an older group or a younger group based on skill level. Playing "up" can provide an exciting challenge. Playing "down" gives a child a chance to be the best in the group and to be an admired leader. On request, we can try to place friends together, but sometimes we just can't. In any case, with your encouragement, your child will have fun learning the game in any group.
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What does my child need to bring to camp?
Just a baseball glove and a baseball cap. A bat is optional. No cleats. Lunch and beverages are provided.
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Is it okay to wear shorts?
Players wearing shorts are not allowed to slide into bases which is an important part of the game for more advanced divisions. If it's hot, wear shorts and bring baseball pants along.
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Can my children leave camp on their own?
Your child can leave camp at the end of the program if (and only if) you click the button on the players enrollment on the web site. Even if you want your child to meet you in front of the pier, you need to select the "can leave alone" option.
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Can my child bring a cell phone?
Cell phones, electronic games, and iPods cannot be used during camp and must be kept in backpack. Our phones are always available if your child needs to call you.
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Where do I find health forms to download?
We are not requiring health forms this year. Please go to pier40.org to check the information you provided to us in your family registration to make sure all health information is up to date, and make changes as needed. Back To Top

How do I contact you?
Our office phone number is (212)989-3764. Our email address is office@pier40.org. You can find the rest of our contact information here. If no one picks up the phone during program hours and you have to reach us right away you can call Fransisco at (646)739-2200 or Judith at (415)290-6017.
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Where is drop off and pick up and how do I get there?
We are located near the southwest corner of the courtyard field at Pier 40. For directions, please Click Here.
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What do you do if it rains?
If it's raining too hard to be outside, or if there is a risk of lightning, we use our indoor baseball practice areas and our recreation room. We also have some covered outdoor areas we can use as practice areas.
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How about if it's too hot to be outside?
We don't stay outside as long if it's really hot, but an advantage of our fields is that they are surrounded by shade, so we can move the "dugout" areas into the shade when it's hot. Ice water is always freely available in every dugout and water and shade breaks are taken frequently.
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Food & Beverages

Should I send lunch?
Only send lunch if your child has special dietary needs.
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What lunch do you provide?
Lunch is usually hotdogs on Monday, healthy sandwiches prepared by Revolution Foods (turkey & cheese on whole grain) Tuesday, Sputinos Pizza on Wednesday, Chicken Tenders by Revolution Foods on Thursday and HOT DOGS Fridays. We also provide a healthy snack (fruits, whole grain crackers) and water PLEASE NOTE: Our lunches are adequate, but will not satisfy a child who arrives on an empty stomach and burns lots of calories for three hours before lunch. We expect children to eat a nourishing breakfast before coming to camp. Drinking a sweetened breakfast before camp will not provide lasting energy needed to make it through a morning of baseball. ALSO: If your child has dietary restrictions or very specific food dislikes, please provide them with a sack lunch as we are limited by what we can store and provide at Pier 40 as we have no built in kitchen facility on premise.
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Should my child bring beverages?
We do not allow children to bring sweetened beverages to camp or to use the vending machines at the pier. Ice water is always available at each filed and indoors and lemonade is provided with lunch.
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How can I pay? By check or cash?
You can mail us a check or stop by the office. Please make the checks to "Pier Park & Playground Assoc." You can mail it to: Pier 40 Baseball Pier 40 - 353 West Street New York, NY 10014 Our preferred method of payment is online by credit card.
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Are payments refundable if we have to drop out for any reason?
No but CREDIT towards additional camps will be given. Prior to the start of any session you can cancel your enrollment at pier40.org up to one week in advanced and your account will receive a credit towards your next enrollment. Next time you enroll in a session your credit will be applied when you check out. CASH OR CREDIT CARD refunds are not available after cam has started and will be given only when a child has been injured OR in extreme extenuation circumstances IE. income loss or moving. Read More Here.
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Want to sign my child up now. Can I make an arrangement to pay later?
Yes. You can check the "Pay at Office" option when you check out and then return to pier40.org to make a credit card payment. Note that you can check or go to pier40.org to check your balance and transaction history at any time.
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What if I can't afford to pay the full fee?
Partial or full fee waivers are available to families if the fee payment creates a hardship. Please Contact Us.
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